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How The NFL Draft Reflects The Importance Of Optimize The Vizion

Optimize The Vizion's Vizionaries visiting the Georgia Tech Women's Locker room In January

This past weekend (April 25-27,2019) we witnessed a new crop of young men realize their professional dream in being drafted by an NFL team. There were 254 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft and although there were a limited number of picks, there were thousands of jobs required to make this event a reality. Each player had an agent and publicist that communicated with the prospective teams. Add that with the NFL Corporate staff, the staff members of each NFL team at the draft and at the team's headquarters, the media teams from the major networks as well as local media, the security staff at the event along with all the vendors and other employees in the area. If you think about it there were 1000s of roles being executed to create this opportunity for 254 NFL prospects.

This event encompasses what we are working to accomplish at Optimize The Vizion which is to expose our Visionaries to all the different possibilities the world of sports can provide. We saw the NFL commissioner call out the names of all these young players and possibly change their lives forever. We observed NFL teams' General Managers and Coaches contact players directly and welcome them to their respective team. We also witnessed the First African American Female Agent have a player become the 3rd pick in the NFL draft. These are just a few of the countless possibilities that can be obtained with proper exposure.

That's what Optimize The Vizion is all about. Giving our Vizionaries the opportunity and exposure to see all of the different possibilities sports can offer. Letting them know that if you don't make it on the field, you can still be part of the team. I believe sports can bring people together, provide great experiences and create great individuals. And that is why Optimize The Vizion was created and that is why Optimize The Vizion is needed.

Emmanuel Glaze

Founder and CEO of Optimize The Vizion

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Optimize The Vizion is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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