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Optimize The Vizion is proud to announce our first Corporate Ambassador Christine Daigre.

Christine Daigre is a Global Payroll Leader with 25+ years of experience working for some of the Fortune 500 top 50 companies that span the globe to over 30 countries. Directly responsible for ensuring accurate and timely payroll delivery to over 250,000.00 employees/contractors worldwide, Christine is extremely grateful and humbled by her success and believes what has given her the purpose to her success is that she experienced tremendous and difficult hardships as a young child. Having to decide at 12 years old to leave a physically abusive father with nothing but the clothes on her back, Christine experienced homelessness and days of not knowing who to trust, what she would eat, or where she would sleep. At 14, Christine entered foster care and through the love and support of her foster family and many case workers, she was able to deal with the emotional and mental trauma inflicted on her as a young person. Her interaction with these supportive people and her faith in God provided Christine the opportunity to transition from pain to purpose. You will hear Christine often laughing at herself because of her 2 left feet and her lack of athletic abilities but Christine is equally known for her love of sports! Whether playing or just watching a game, Christine knows that through sports individuals can build character, develop a higher self-esteem, set goals, learn to work with others, celebrate each other during a win or demonstrate compassion when experiencing a loss.  Fiercely committed to breaking the cycles of abuse and dysfunctions from her own life, her own children played a variety of sports throughout their lives. Derrick Daigre Jr. won the 2016 PAC 12 Championship for the 800 meters, Matthew played basketball and Vivian participated in playing Volleyball which provided the many tools that has led to their own success. Christine is proud to be an Optimize the Vizion Corporate Ambassador and is looking forward to partnering with OTV to bring sports programs to children in underserved and unrepresented communities.

Christine Daigre Sr. Field Payroll Operations Director Robert Half

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