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OTV Goes to NASCAR on 2/24/19

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Event: Quiktrip 500

Place: Atlanta Motor SpeedWay

Date: 2/24/19

Vizionaries that attended:

Female Vizionaries: Sarah Dixon, Zahta Muhammad, Emmanuela Qarshie, Navaeh McElroy, Nya Augustine, AnatiaBennett, Syari Sherrif, Kaila Wimes

Male Vizionaries: Henry Everhart, Isaiah Moyet, Mukhtar Musah, Anwar Kanyama-Jackson, Ty Lewis, Jacob Augustine, Melo Jones

Chaperones: LaShahn Cook, Lewis Preston, Corey Jones, Bobby Jackson, Aynda Jackson, Ed Newson, Emmanuel Glaze

The Day started in the parking lot between Publix and Ok Café on West Paces Ferry Rd. We were picked up by the Harmon Brothers Transportation company in one of their large motor coach buses. All the Vizionaries were on time and were able to ride on the bus from Atlanta to Hampton, Ga with plenty of room and comfort. The Vizionaries were served breakfast from Bojangles and had plenty of snacks on the bus for the trip.

We arrived at the Atlanta Motor Motor Speedway around 9:05am. We were met by our tour guides Chris and Brian Lofton who had been doing tours for over 10 years for the Atlanta Motor Speedway’s yearly race. These two brothers loved volunteering to show groups the beauty of Atlanta Motor Speedway during race day and had awesome personalities which increased our excitement for the tour.. They provided us our passes to get into the speedway and on the infield.One of the great things about the day was that after a week of rain, we had bright skies and 60 degree weather on race day. After we received all our information we headed toward the speedway.

Once we entered the Atlanta Motor Speedway we headed to the infield which is where we first viewed the garages.  This is where all the cars and race teams were getting prepared for the day’s race. We saw mechanics making the final touches to each race car to make sure the vehicles met race qualifications and were ready to run the 500 mile race. After visiting the garage, we toured pit row where the cars will stop during the race to change tires, get gas and maintenance needs of the race cars in order to continue in the race. We also visited the infield area where all the race car drivers had their RVs so they can rest and relax with family prior to running the race. We learned that the Atlanta Motor Speedway sits on 800 acres of land and the track was 1.5 miles long.

When we returned back to the garage area we ran into members of the Chip Ganassi Racing team. Richie Williams, Jeremy Rimbrough and Coach Phil Horton stopped and took some time out of their day to speak with the Vizionaries about how they got into racing as well as their previous sports backgrounds. This was a addition to our day as their experience reflected the motto of Optimize The Vizion (Sports + Exposure + Possibilities = Optimize The Vizion).

After the tour we took the Vizionaries to the Atlanta Motor Speedway Food Court where they were able to select and enjoy from a vast array of foods choices. After lunch we went and located our seats in preparation for the start of the race. While in the stands we were treated to a fly over of 4 jets, fireworks, a flag folding ceremony and singing of America the Beautiful and Star Spangled Banner. And after the pre-race ceremonies were completed, we were all treated to familiar sound of “Gentlemen, start your engines” which initiated the roar of the engines of the Folds of Honor Quiktrip 500 race cars.

Once the race started we watched the drivers follow a pace car for 3 laps.  Once the 3rd lap completed the crowd in attendance cheered as the drivers took their cars from 80 mph to over 150 mph. The Vizionaries and chaperones were all amazed at the sound and velocity of the cars as they sped around the race trace. Once we all completed watching the race, the Vizionaries were allowed to get souvenirs and other treats from the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Finally we all headed back to the bus to return to our drop off location in Atlanta so that all Vizionaries were reunited with their parents.

CEO Notes:

The event went extremely well; even better than I expected. We started at 7:30am and were finished by 5:30pm. Each Vizionarytold their parents they had a good time once they were picked up and couldn’t wait for the next event. Three metro counties were represented in the day’s activities: Dekalb, Fulton and Cobb.  Vizionaries from 6th, 7th and 8th grades attended. They all blended well and enjoyed each other’s company. The group was comprised of 8 young lady Vizionaries and 7 young gentlemen Vizionaries. We all expected to have a great time, but our expectation were tremendously exceeded.

Optimize the Vizion would like to thank:

Orasi Software

Phoenix Senior Living

Harmon Brothers Trailways

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Chip Ganassi Racing

TSK Prepatory Academy

Dekalb Prepatory Academy

Ivy Prepatory Academy

The 15 Vizionaries

Our 7 Chaperones

And the parents and guardians of each Vizionary for trusting us with your student

Next Event:

Our next event is scheduled for 3/23/19 with the Atlanta Legends Football team at Georgia State Stadium. Information will be forthcoming detailing the event.

About the Optimize The Vizion:

Optimize The Vizion was created to help enhance the vizions of children’s future by exposing

them to the countless possibilities that the world of sports can provide.

Emmanual Glaze



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