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OTV Visits GT WBB on 1/6/19

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

January 6, 2019, was a day to remember for vizionaries who participated in the inaugural Optimize the Vision event at Georgia Tech. The event was put together by Emmanuel Glaze, Bobby Jackson, Aynda Jackson, Theresa Wenzel, and Hannah Joy Gebresilassie. The organizers' aim was to give vizionaries a thrill of their life while teaching them the inner workings of Georgia Tech.

Emmanuel Glaze, Founder of Optimize the Vizion, says - "I was so happy with how everything turned out and my expectations were exceeded. Thanks go out to everyone involved, and I am so happy with the results."

Felicia Tucker did a great job as Georgia Tech’s Tour Guide. She led the vizionaries and adults around Georgia Tech's McCamish Pavilion. The vizionaries got the know the history of the “Thrillerdome” and toured the Georgia Tech Lady Yellow Jackets Weight and Training areas, Film Room, Trophy Area, Gym Floor, Media Room, Meeting area and an Overview of the Gym from the 2nd floor.

The vizionaries got to enjoy the Georgia Tech Lady Yellow Jackets vs Notre Dame Lady Fighting Irish Basketball Game. The Division 1 ACC game kept the vizionaries entertained while they wined and dined at the concessions stand. Vizionaries received free T-shirts, got their face painted, made posters and also left with some girl scout cookies.

The organizers of the event were pleased with the Georgia Tech Women Basketball team's role in making the tour a success, Felicia Tucker's great tour, the vizionaries' phenomenal attitude, willingness to take the tour, great questions, and participation.

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Optimize The Vizion was created to help enhance the vizions of children’s future by exposing them to the countless possibilities that the world of sports can provide.

Emmanual Glaze


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