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Thanks to the Atlanta Legend and the AAF!

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Optimize The Vizion Visionaries shown with their Atlanta Legends Memorabilia

Wow! Was all I can say as the news that the owner of the Alliance of American Football Tom Dundon announced that he is suspending the league for the rest of the season. You can read the details on your own, but the 1st thing that crossed my mind was all of the individuals that will be affected by this. During its time I have been able to meet and know a lot of people on the Atlanta based team the Atlanta Legends. From the President of the organization to the people who worked ticket sales they all were courteous and ready to embrace this new team and league. I was able to hear the stories of the people who worked with prior organizations who were excited to change jobs with the team. Also got a chance to meet a few players who were getting another chance to play the game they love and possibly have a shot at the next level. Its painful to see all of this end for everyone so abruptly.

What's funny to me is now I am seeing all of the negative comments about how everyone knew this wouldn't work, to how people weren't watching, etc etc. Amazing how we enjoy the failure of something that effects 100s to 1000s of peoples lives. In my opinion the league had a great shot because the play was on a great level and they had the right level of personnel from coaches to executives helping to move the league in the right direction. It wasn't perfect but in its 1st season, but it was creating the proper sample size to allow it to become a great subsequent league to the NFL. Now that the XFL has made the moves they have made to secure finances for their league over the next few years, look for them to use the knowledge and information that the AAF created in its 1st season to make their league have a shot at success in the future.

Let me end by saying that I am honored that I was able to take my organization to the inaugural and possibly only season of the AAF. The Atlanta Legend's were so hospitable to my organization and showed us one amazing time. Thanks to David Livingston and the rest of his Legends staff for giving our Vizionaries the time of their life and showing our inaugural class a great experience. From me and my staff and our young Vizionaries at Optimize The Vizion, we thank you and we wish everyone the best in the future!

Emmanuel Glaze

Founder/CEO of Optimize The Vizion

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